Mr. Anil Kumar Reddy, the Founder Chairman of the Keerthi Estates leads from the front. An inspiring leader who is responsible for Keerthi’s success, Mr. Reddy has nurtured the company with his unique vision and deep insights of the realty sector.

A qualified civil engineer, Mr. Anil Kumar Reddy is a man with an astute business acumen who can identify opportunities and has the courage to travel the untraversed paths.

His passion for accepting challenges has seen Keerthi grow in reputation and size into a large realty company that has delivered a variety of premium and prestigious projects across Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Being a people’s man he has built strong and dedicated teams which work relentlessly towards realizing the goals of the organization.

Apart from being the guiding force of the company, Mr. Reddy is committed to various social causes and initiatives. Through his trust in the name of his mother he takes up activities like providing support to education for the needy; protected drinking water to the neighbouring villages of his home town; sponsoring and promoting sports for handicapped children.