When embellishing your personal space, there’s nothing that holds more significance than paying attention to minute details. Yes, you need to have an eye for detail that will help you understand spaces and determine the kind of design that will make it look simple yet elegant. 

We often neglect the small things under the impression that they may not have a high impact, but sometimes small details make the biggest difference. It could be anything like; an addition of a mirror, softening or brightening up the walls, a plant, etc. 

To help you design your home beautifully without breaking a sweat, we have jotted down four  interior designing ideas for home decor that will inspire you in decorating your house

Go Bold In Small Spaces

Adding graphic prints, monochromatic or floral wallpapers to small spaces can have a great impact. You can use the idea for your sloped ceilings, powder room, window-side nook or when your kitchen needs a little punch of style. 

They not only make space look elegant but also enhance its overall design and give the right amount of visual interest.

Paint Your Small Room With Lighter Colours

We mostly opt for white paint for our rooms regardless of how big or small it is as it makes the room look inviting and peaceful. Small rooms also look bigger and brighter when their walls are painted with soft and neutral colors.

They make the room look more reflective by making them appear spacious, breathable and airy which maximizes the effect created by natural sunlight. 

Darker colors, on the other hand, tend to absorb natural light, thus making the room look even smaller and congested.

Add Instant Light To Your Living Space With Mirrors

Apart from checking your appearance on the go, mirrors, when used creatively in a room create light, texture and space. Placing your mirror in the correct position, most preferably adjacent to a window, can perfectly match the angle of natural sunlight and bounce throughout the room, hence optimizing natural light.  

Bonus tip: Adding a textured mirror can add both depth and also intrigue your space.

Experiment With Patterns

Adding patterns to your designed space can make the room look vibrant and inviting. Possibilities include adding patterns with upholstery, pillows, rugs, mirrors, etc. They can prove to play a significant role, so it is necessary that you opt for a mix of big and small patterns that will create an exciting variety. 

This will also help you experiment with a number of different patterns. All of these little tips & tricks will work together to create a warm and well-designed room.

Designing your own home can be fun as you come across diverse options. You have the liberty to create and decorate as per your preferences and individual style.