We experience ample rainfall throughout this season and there’s a need to adjust with all the dampness around. 

Although we all love the first few drops of rain on the dry land, the incessant downpour can take a toll on your house.  

Just like you need to carry an umbrella, to save yourself from getting drenched and catching a cold, similarly, your house needs protection too. With water pouring down all day long, your house is susceptible to damages. 

Here, we provide you with some tips to keep your house safe and dry when it is raining cats and dogs outside.

Check For Leakages

During monsoon, it is quite common to notice the leakage in roofs and walls, hence it is important to periodically check for any leakages. 

Check for fissures along the walls, ceiling, leaky pipes, and taps that never really stop dripping and ensure to get them sorted before the start of the season itself. 

Apart from this, it is of utmost importance to also inspect the water pipes to find if there is any blockage. without proper drainage, the water accumulated can significantly damage the property also.

Care For Your Books

For any avid reader, a huge collection of books is a possession.

During monsoon, there are chances that the moisture can cause irremediable damage to your favourite books. 

What you can do to ensure that no damage is caused is to stack moisture absorbents and shut the shelves tightly. To avoid the foul odour, you can keep naphthalene balls in the shelves. 

Ensure to keep checking on your books.

Check For Electrical Fixtures

It is a universal truth that water is a bad conductor of electricity hence, it is essential to seek consultation from an experienced electrician in your vicinity before it starts to pour down.

 If your electrical fixture is kept unchecked, the electrical wirings can cause irreparable damage that can lead to electrical shocks and short circuits. 

So ensure to cover up the uncovered electrical switches in the outdoors of your property and get the electrical fixtures inspected indoors.

Foul Smell Rugs & Carpets

Monsoon season is here to unwind and enjoy, however, it sure brings with it some dampness. 

Carpets can pick up the dampness in this weather very quickly and produce a very foul odour. Frequent vacuuming of carpets and rugs is a great way to keep them dry and clean. 

Sun-drying can also be helpful as it sucks the moisture from the carpet making it fresh and dry.

If you plan to not use carpets or rugs during monsoon, then just roll and store them, this way they won’t be damaged.

Bear in mind these simple yet useful tips and keep the monsoon blues far away from your cosy homes!