Several factors make home buying more than just an emotional decision. It’s a very complicated process, and its critical elements need to be contemplated thoroughly, especially if you are planning to settle.

Here are five things that you should consider as a new homebuyer.

Your finances

It’s a given that you’ll need finances for buying a home, but it is also essential to have a proper plan for spending them. It is always better to keep track of your budget while selecting your preferred house. Things like the house loan, lifestyle, reserves for household expenses, etc. should be considered before making a final decision.  

You also have to consider additional expenses like the cost of furnishing interiors, or any prior liabilities before making the final call. Your source of income also plays a useful role when it comes to buying a home. Absence of any stable source of income might make things rough when it comes to your financial planning.

Your priorities

After planning your budget, you should start shortlisting houses that meet your lifestyle preferences. Making a “priority checklist” will undoubtedly help in simplifying things. Consider all the members of their families, and their specific, unique needs and preferences.

Even though you might not find a house that will provide you with all items in your checklist, buying one that provides most of them will get you one that is closer to your ideal dream house. This is why your priorities should always be on top of your mind since you’ll have a clearer picture of what qualities you want in your house. It makes your investment worth it and provides you with lifestyle satisfaction.    


The surroundings are an important aspect that can affect your lifestyle in a huge way. What amenities you would want near your location, how isolated do you want your house to be from the noisy bustle of the city, what kind of neighbourhood you want to be in.  

Having amenities and facilities near your house can make your life a lot more convenient for you. If having a tight neighbourhood cohesion matter to you, then buying your house in a gated community is more practical. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle away from pollution, then you can always search for a house in the suburbs. Mix and match your priorities, see which combination will provide you with the most satisfying lifestyle!   

Unforeseen situations

After choosing the perfect house for yourself, you also need to think about maintaining it regularly. Situations that might damage the foundation of a home also have to be considered while investing. Small inconveniences such as broken lighting, or water leakages can be handled without spending much time and money on it. But property damages caused by unforeseen events like an Earthquake or fire can make a long-lasting impact on your house, especially if you don’t have insurance cover.

Hence people should always consider unpredictable circumstances before choosing a property.      

Other people’s experiences

Considering other people’s opinion is always a good idea. Family and friends who have bought a house might be able to provide you with some practical advice,

People with experience, such as those who have worked in the real estate industry, know what they are talking about. You might also go to real estate agents for their advice since it’s their job to know about the prevailing conditions in the real estate market. Pick a renowned real estate agent from your area, and let him or her help in looking for your dream house.

The points mentioned here are just a set of guidelines to simplify home buying for first-time buyers. It is a dynamic process, so it is advised to stay open-minded and flexible. Though these points are the major factors that need to be considered before buying a home, their implication might change depending upon the situation that they are supposed to be applied in.