A lot of us do not understand the importance of cleaning our home’s exhaust fans when they are actually the most useful appliance at home. They not only help us with getting rid of all harmful gases but removes excess dust particles and steam which builds up over time. 

Here are a few simple steps that will help you in cleaning your exhaust fans.



1.How To Clean Your Kitchen’s Exhaust Fans


Working in the kitchen without an exhaust fan is really a difficult task but if it is constantly used without any maintenance then it is sure to stop working or get damaged. The following are some useful tips for kitchen exhaust fan cleaning. 


  • Remove The Filter


Firstly, unplug the exhaust fan, get on a stool and remove the mesh filters of the exhaust fan. Put these filters into the kitchen sink and run water all over them. This will allow the dirt particles to loosen up and also the grease that accumulated on the filter.


  • Clean The Filter


You can clean the filter by soaking it in solution water that has a little bit of ammonia. Soak it for good one hour and then remove it from the solution and scrub it off properly with a brush to remove the dirt. Let the filter dry completely. 


  • Clean The Exhaust Fan


After the above steps, the third most important step is it clean the fan itself by making a mixture of warm water, ammonia and baking soda. Using the mixture, scrub the fan front and back and use paper towels to remove excess solution. This step will help remove the grease and dust particles and give a shine to it. Now put the filter back on the fan and tighten it with the screws.

2. How To Clean Your Bathroom’s Exhaust Fans



Cleaning the bathroom’s exhaust fan helps with odour and moves moisture out of the bathroom and also prevents mold and mildew which can lead to a serious health issue. Since they work in a damp environment, they can get easily bogged down with dirt and dust. Here are a few steps to thoroughly clean your bathroom exhaust fan.


  • Remove & Clean The Vent Cover


Gently pull down the cover and slide them out of their slots. Fill your bathroom sink with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap, soak the cover into it and scrub it with a dish brush removing all the dirt, dust and grime. Place it on the towel to let it air dry.


  • Use Vaccum To Get Rid Of The Dust


Remove the excess dust with a vacuum extension. For other parts of the fan like motor components and fan housing, use a bristle brush dusting attachment.


  • Remove The Grime With A Damp Cloth


Take a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the fan components and housing to remove any remaining dirt. The same way clean the fan blades and surrounding motor parts also. Reassemble the fan by putting its screws back and restoring it to power.

If they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis then they can get choked by dirt, debris and dust and may also not work to its full potential. Hence, it is important to take care of it.