To have a luxurious home not only means a well-appointed home. Rather, it is one that allows the owner to relish and feel relaxed. When you think of a luxurious home, think royalty, think opulence, think extreme extravagance!

When you begin to think of luxury, your mind brings you a lot of world-class amenities like pools, saunas, in-built gym, sports courtyards and a lot more. But the real question is, what exactly are luxury home buyers looking for their new abode?

We list down a few ideas that will intrigue even the wealthiest of home buyers.

  • Modern Floor Plans

Modern floor plan

Nothing makes a home look luxurious if not a grand entryway that leads to a two-story staircase and has an expansive open floor plan. Flooring is another area where modern finishes and looks are sought after. According to surveys, having an open floor plan has been every luxury home buyers criteria. 

  • Smart Home Features

Smart homes

Incorporation of smart home features is evolving very rapidly with a few huge companies stepping into the field with their intelligent digital assistants acting as a verbal interface for several smart appliances. A lot of real estate builders are now ensuring to have this high-end feature integrated into their property that will turn out to be a big selling point for luxury home buyers.


  • Fully-Stocked Kitchen

Fully stocked Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, every person’s go-to place which is why it is important to have it well-stocked with all the main features like; a built-in gas grill, a food preparation area and a lot more. An affluent kitchen will have a well-designed layout that will make it look opulent and an eye-catcher for the home buyers.


  • Lounge Pools

lounge pool

Expansive pools with water features such as waterfalls and plenty of privacy is a must. Hot tubs and changing cabins are on the top of those seeking luxury. Luxury home buyers look for this very feature because they are comparatively easier to maintain and are actually used more often.


  • Location, Location & Location!


Location is known to be the crown jewel of homeownership. Whether you live in a villa or in an apartment, we all desire to have our piece of paradise which is our personal sanctuary. An expansive, tree-lined property that overlooks a beautiful view is a must when it comes to luxuriant living. Every luxury home buyers seek a location that lets them unwind in the utmost of secrecy and has the perfect clandestine location.


  • A Fully-Equipped Gym


When you think of starting a healthy lifestyle it’s the procrastination to start from the next day that keeps us from achieving it and this happens if your gym is located away from the property. Homebuyers would love to have their private fitness facility where they can come and workout as per their convenience and time. 

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